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Introduced in 1998, the LynxONE was the first product offered by Lynx Studio Technology. Offering high quality analog and digital I/O, a stable word clock and MIDI connectivity, LynxONE was ahead of its time for reliability, audio quality and software control. Now nearly 10 years later, LynxONE is in thousands or radio stations, studios, and production facilities worldwide. It has even found its way into medical, audio testing and military applications.

LynxONE provides basic analog and digital audio with on board AD and DA conversion. The analog side features 24-bit technology and sample rates up to 50kHz. The digital side goes up to 96kHz and can use either the AES/EBU or SPDIF digital format. LynxONE also offers two MIDI ports.

– Stereo 24-bit analog input and outputs with +4dBu or -10dBV levels
– Digital I/O supporting AES/EBU and S/P DIF formats at sample rates up to 96kHz
– Independent, 24-bit audio stream architecture supports simultaneous four-channel recording and playback
– Two smart, deeply buffered MIDI ports
– Low-jitter, highly adjustable sample clock tunable to all rates 8kHz to 100kHz
– Mixer application provides software-controlled configuration
– Internal Clock input and output connectors for synchronizing multiple LynxONE’s or connection to video capture/playback adapter
– Does not support 64-bit or Vista.

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Professionellt PCI-baserat ljudkort.


En stereoingång, 24-bit


En stereoutgång, 24-bit


Fungerar ej med 64-bit eller Vista


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